General guidelines before traveling to Brazil

Find out beforehand about the climate, food and cultural habits in the country of destination for a safe and healthy stay.

For information about the climate in Brazil, please visit the website of the National Institute of Meteorology.

Find out if the place you are traveling to have a risk of diseases and/or need for vaccines or other specific preventive measures. More information here.

Before traveling, visit your doctor for a medical checkup, especially if you are the carrier of some preexisting disease.

Avoid travel if you have any acute infectious disease or if you have a fever.

If you need to make use of prescription medicines, get the prescription and acquire the medicines in sufficient quantity for the entire trip, because it is not always possible to buy them in another country without a local medical prescription, or enter another country with medicines in the luggage without the respective medical prescriptions.

Take the medicines that you need in the original packaging.

If you are a foreigner, consider the possibility of purchasing an international private health insurance.

Documents necessary for foreigners entering Brazil

  • To enter the country you need a valid passport and the immigration form filled in completely. This card must be presented by the foreigner on entry to Brazil and maintained until the moment of departure, when it is collected by the Federal Police. The document will be provided by airline companies or will be available at passport control.
  • Foreigners resident in Brazil, either temporarily or permanently, besides the passport, should present their foreign identity card or protocol of the regularization request sent by the Federal Police.
  • In the case of foreigners from countries of the Mercosur, identity documents are accepted, besides the passport. In the case of entering Brazil for purposes of tourism, business, sports and artistic activities, no registration is necessary in the Federal Police or the issuing of a foreign identity card.
  • Foreign nationals traveling to Brazil as tourists normally need to obtain visas before entering the country. This requirement is based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment and applies to nationals of countries requiring a visa for Brazilians to enter their territories. Countries which do not require a visa for tourism from Brazilians do not normally require a visa to enter Brazil.
  • Find out the Visa Regime for the Entry of Foreigners in Brazil.

Take with you your identification documents, with information on personal contacts, blood type, if you are the carrier of a disease such as allergies, diabetes or other which require special attention.

Observe the rules required by airlines for the transport of objects and liquids.

If you feel a change in your state of health during the course of your journey, communicate this to the crew members.