Accidental poisoning in another country

The main chemical products that result in intoxication by accidental exposure are medicinal products, health-related disinfectants, drugs, industrial chemical products and pesticides for agricultural use.

In the case of exposure to these products, as well as if there is malaise, allergy or discomfort after the use of mosquito repellent, you should seek medical guidance.


General care

  • Do not put household products together with food or drinks.
  • Safely store alcoholic beverages.
  • Do not forget that perfumes, colognes and shaving lotions can be alcoholic solutions.
  • Do not put household products together with food or drinks.

Instruct children

  • Explain to children about the risk of taking medicines that are not needed and the danger of trying or touching dangerous products.
  • Keep medicines and other chemical products (cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents) out of the reach of children.
  • Do not apply rodenticides, naphthalene or other pesticides in locations accessible to children.
  • Do not give empty packages of chemical products to children to play.
  • Do not let children eat berries or seeds of plants that are unknown.

Care with packaging

  • Do not use empty packagings to store other products, store them in their original packaging.
  • Close the packaging and store the products immediately after use.
  • Do not leave abandoned pesticide packaging uncovered, empty or containers with remnants of chemical products.

Use of medicines and other products

  • Learn about the meaning of existing symbols on labels.
  • Read the application instructions carefully and apply the products within the safety rules, especially when using pesticides, corrosive products, stain removers and varnishes.
  • Do not take or give medicines in the dark and do not exceed the prescribed dose.