Information to those going to work in another country

See the Booklet Brazilians abroad of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It contains general guidelines for those who want to live and work abroad, as well as arrangements for those who are returning to Brazil.

Labor rights abroad

The rules governing the protection of labor are specific to each country. Normally, the foreigner authorized to work should have the same rights as the local worker. The Brazilian abroad can work legally, as long as they obtain the authorization of local bodies.

Promises of employment abroad

Caution because you may be a victim of human trafficking!

Do not believe in every promise of employment abroad. If you receive a proposal without references to improve your life abroad, be careful!

There is human trafficking when the victim is removed from his/her environment, city and even country and with reduced mobility, without freedom of leaving the situation of labor or sexual exploitation or confinement for the removal of organs or tissues.

Reduced mobility is characterized by threats to the person or to the family or by the retention of their documents, among other forms of violence that maintain the victim beside the trafficker or the criminal network.

Prevention is always the best initiative. Observe the following recommendations:

  • Always doubt proposals for easy and profitable employment proposals.
  • Before accepting the proposal for employment, read the employment contract carefully, search for information on the contracting company, you should seek assistance from the specialized legal area.
  • Avoid taking copies of personal documents and leaving them in the hands of relatives or friends.
  • Leave the address, telephone number and/or name of the city to which you are traveling.
  • Try to find the addresses and contacts of consulates, NGOs and authorities of the region to which you are traveling.
  • You should keep in touch with family and friends.

If you suspect the action of a human trafficking gang, do not hesitate to inform this to the authorities. Many lives can be saved.

To denounce in Brazil, call 100 or send an email to Secrecy is guaranteed.

Right to social security

Brazilians over 16 years of age, residing or domiciled abroad, unless affiliated to the pension scheme of a country with which Brazil has an international agreement, can join the Brazilian General Social Security System (RGPS) as an optional assured person.

Currently, Brazil maintains an international agreement with Germany, Belgium, Cape Verde, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Portugal and with the MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay). Yet, there are agreements that are at the ratification stage - with the United States and Switzerland.

Find out about the International Agreements that Brazil has.

Other guidelines on the right to Social Security for those who will work abroad

Embassies and consulates

See the list of Brazilian embassies and consulates abroad