General guidelines during travel to Brazil


Take with you your identification documents, with information on personal contacts, blood type, if you are the carrier of a disease or condition that requires special attention, such as allergies, diabetes or others.


Basic care on tours

Brazil is a country of tropical and subtropical climate. Constant liquid intake is recommended to avoid dehydration.

Use comfortable clothes and footwear.

To protect from the sun:

  • use light ventilated clothes, a hat or cap and dark glasses;
  • avoid direct exposure to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm;
  • use sunscreen with an adequate protection factor according to the color of your skin, even in colder places, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day, mainly before food intake, after using public transport, visiting markets or places with a large circulation of people.

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Safety in vehicles

In Brazil, it is mandatory to use the safety belt in cars, both in the front and back seats.

For children the use of child seats (baby seat) is compulsory, also known as child restraint devices, chosen on the basis of their weight and height.

Children up to 10 years of age must be transported only in the rear seat.

On riding motorbikes or bicycles, always use a helmet. It is a mandatory safety device that saves lives. The person traveling on the passenger seat must also use a helmet.

A specific license is required to ride motorcycles.

It is prohibited by law to drive after consumption of alcoholic beverage, even in small quantities.

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Use of alcoholic beverages

If alcoholic beverages are consumed, do it with moderation.

In Brazil, it is prohibited by law to drive after the consumption of alcoholic beverage, even in small quantities.

According to the Brazilian Statute of the Child and Adolescent, the sale of alcoholic beverages for people under 18 years of age is not allowed.

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In Brazil, it is prohibited to smoke in places of collective use, total or partially closed. Be aware, because this prohibition also applies to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, inns, airports, etc.

 Access the folder of the National Cancer Institute (INCA).