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Yellow Fever


Monitoring of the Seasonal Period of Yellow Fever Brazil - 2019

Tabela Mapa FA


The best way to avoid yellow fever is through vaccination. The vaccine is available year-round at health facilities and should be administered at least 10 days prior to displacement to at-risk areas, especially for individuals who are vaccinated for the first time.

If you are going to do some type of ecological tourism, in rural areas of the regions with vaccination recommendation - ACRV, the vaccine against yellow fever is highly recommended. A single dose gives protection for a lifetime.

As a measure of yellow fever control, some countries require travelers to obtain the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (CIVP) for entry into their territory. Access the list of countries that make this requirement.

The yellow fever vaccine is available in the health units, where it will be applied and registered on the National Vaccination Card, with the vaccine lot number and the place where it was performed. To be valid as a proof of vaccination for the trip, however, it will be necessary to issue the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP).

To issue the Certificate (CIVP) you need:
  • Present an official identity document with a photo (identity card, passport, valid driver's license, etc.) or Birth Certificate;
  • Present the National Vaccination Card correctly filled with the date of administration of the vaccine, vaccine batch, signature of the professional who performed and identification of the health unit;
  • Attend an Anvisa Travelers Orientation Center.
Anvisa Travelers Counseling Centers and accredited services conduct orientation activities for travelers on health care and issue the CIVP. Those under private management issue the CIVP only to vaccinated travelers in the service itself.

The issue of the CIVP depends on the signature of the traveler in the act, being essential its presence (RDC nº 21 of 03/31/2008, item III of Art. 1 of Annex II). For minors, the parents, guardians or curators may request the issuance of the certificate and must sign them in the presence of the authorized health agent.

In case of loss or loss of the CIVP, the traveler should seek one of the Travelers Orientation Centers to issue a new route of the certificate free of charge.

For fast service in these services, you can register in advance in the electronic address of the National Agency and Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa).

Check here the Traveler Guidance Centers in Paraná.

Vaccination exemption

In cases where vaccination is contraindicated, the Vaccine Exemption Certificate must be presented. The issuing of this certificate is performed by the physician. It is recommended to use the ANVISA model.

Mapa recomendação vacina FA

Glossary: ​​Area With Recommendation of Vaccination (ACRV) are the regions with historical record of wild yellow fever (YF), with permanent recommendation of vaccination. Non-Vaccination Recommended Areas (ASRV) are those that have no historical record of wild-type YF in which the vaccine is not recommended. 


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